Jasper Boelsma

Hello, I’m Jasper Boelsma, Instructor at Historic Martial Arts Alphen.

I started practicing HEMA in 2015 during my archaeology studies at the University of Leiden. From 2016 onwards I also started teaching HEMA. Teaching initially started quite a small scale, but since then I’ve taught and hosted multiple lessons and workshops on international events. My primary weapon specialization is the early medieval sword and shield, but I also include sword and buckler, one-handed sword/messer, sabre, and longsword as my specializations. Despite these specializations, I enjoy every weapon discipline and want to study all of them. So don’t hesitate to ask me anything about a random weapon. If I find myself lacking in knowledge, then we’ll look for the answer together.

Pictured: Instructor Jasper Boelsma. Photographer: Andress Kools, Man met Camera.