How does it work?

The training sessions

At the moment we train every other week. Each training takes places on Saturday evening between 19.00-21.00 in the gym of the Bonifatius school located at Paradijslaan 11 in Alphen aan den Rijn. On the ‘Calendar’-page there is an overview of upcoming training sessions.

(NB. As during training sessions (practice)weapons are used, HKA has a minimum age requirement of 18+).

Introduction lesson

If you never held a sword, you will learn the basics during the introduction lesson. From footwork to attacking & defending, everything will be addressed.

The general training

When you have gained some experience with sword-fighting, you can join the general training. These are alternating lessons during which all of our weapon disciplines will be addressed. Every training you can decide if you join the general training of if you will do something else. The general training can vary from repeating the basics of sword-fighting, to trying out a new weapon discipline, to sparring.

Study groups

When you gained enough experience, you are also welcome to join one of our study groups. From early Medieval “Viking” Sword and Shield, to 17th century Rapier to 18th century Sabre, you are welcome to join. If you are still missing a weapon discipline, you are more than welcome to take initiative and dive into the original sources yourself.

Sword-fighting without borders

Are you a member of a different H.E.M.A. club? Then you are more than welcome you join us as well. Through our payment structure, of only paying for each training session to attend, it is always possible to join. If you just want to join one of our study groups, want to create a new study group or just want a place to do some extra sparring, you are welcome. It does not matter how many times you attend. From every training, to once a month to once a year, we would love for you to join.